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Stuyvesant High School

345 Chamber Street, New York, NY 10001

Phone: (212) 312-4800 Ext. 9260

Site Coordinator: Elizabeth Goldstein


          • 2 Self-contained classes

          • 1 inclusion class



         • Transition, ages 18-22

Classroom Types:

         • Self-contained, 8:1:1

         • Inclusion, 9:1:3


         • Transition program focused on work, life, travel,

            and community skills

         • Many worksite options: retail, culinary, maintenance,

            horticulture, clerical, technology etc.

         • Students go to worksite 4-5 days/week

         • Travel Training opportunity

         • Opportunity to apply for and study a trade at Co-Op Tech

         • Opportunity to apply for Project Search


Quick Facts:

Three adult students posing and smiling in P226M volunteer t-shirts
Eight adult students posing in front of a Party City store
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