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Teenage student with cochlear implant sitting across a table from a paraprofessional sorting papers

School of the Future

127 E 22nd Street, New York, NY 10010

Phone: (212) 475-8086, ext 8902

Site Coordinator: Irene Kawamura


          • 1 inclusion class



         • 6th - 8th

Classroom Types:

         • Inclusion, 8:1:4


         • Inclusion with School of the Future Middle School

         • Support from SETTS Provider, Paraprofessionals, and

            Related Service Providers 

         • Support for students who are hard of hearing

         • Immersed in academic classes, electives, and

            extracurricular activities

         • Students can be standardized or alternately assessed

         • Direct link to School of the Future      website

Quick Facts:

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