If you have questions or concerns regarding your child's schedule, or our day to day protocols, please contact the site coordinator from your child's school site:


Site: 12th Street

Coordinator: Nicole

School Aide: Florida

Phone: (212) 691-4135

Site: 76

Coordinator: Marie

School Aide: Monique

Phone: (212) 864-6559  ext. 3062

Site: 185

Coordinator: Melissa

School Aide: Ana

Phone: (212) 410-0566

Site: JREC

Coordinator: Jerry

School Aide: Frances

Phone: (212) 288-1748

Site: 15th Street

Coordinator: Theresa

School Aide: Yeiry

Phone: (212) 391-1760

Site: School of the Future

Coordinator: Irene

Phone:  (212) 475-8086, ext 8902

Site: Millennium HS

Coordinator: Jessica

Phone: (212) 843-6930

Site: Stuyvesant HS

Coordinator: Liz

Phone: (212) 312-4800 Ext. 9260

Site: Pace

Coordinator: Teri

Phone: (212) 346- 1276

P226M Blended Learning  Schedule:

We are currently implementing a Blended Learning Model. 

This means that for students engaged in blended learning, they will spend some days in school and some days at home learning remotely. For students who have opted to be fully remote, they will be learning remotely from home every day

Our school is split into 3 groups: Group A and Group B, who are engaged in blended learning and Group D, who is fully remote.  Monday, 9/21/2020 began our in-person learning with Group A.

Please check with your teacher or site coordinator for the status of your child's group and schedule.

345 E 15th Street, New York, NY 10003

p: (212) 477-5017

f: (212) 477-5164

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Teenage student completing written work while following along with remote class on a computer